Unit Hsc 38 Level 3

Unit SHC 38 Promote good practice in handling information in health and social care settings
Give practical examples how you   achieved the following task in your work place |
Learning outcome 1: Understand requirements for handling information in health and social care settings |
1 Identify legislation andcodes of practice thatrelate to handlinginformation in health andsocial care | Care standards act 2008Data protectionSafeguarding of vulnerable adult |
2 Summarise the mainpoints of legal requirements and codes of practice for handling information in health and social care | Best interests for individualData Protection – information disclosed on a need to know basis.Files and documents locked away and only accessed by authorized people.Structured handovers where information can be handed over privately and confidentially.   Strict confidentiality of all individuals.Respect. |
  Learning outcome 2:   Be able to implement good practice in handling information |
1 Describe features ofmanual and electronicinformation storagesystems that help ensuresecurity |   Manual storage systems include – lockable cabinets, locked doors, information locked away when finished with, only individuals with authorization have access to information, structured handovers, up to date and reviewed documentation.Electronically storage includes – passwords, pass worded emails, locked files, need to know basis, respect of information, only authorized people to have access to information. |
2. Demonstrate practices that ensure security whenstoring and accessinginformation | Only authorized staff to have access to information,Information locked away as soon as it has finished with,Structured handovers so any information can be communicated privately and confidentially,Information on a need to know basis and not discussed further. |
3.Maintain records that areup to date, complete,accurate and legible | Staff to completed relevant paper work as soon as...