Unit 8060 Support Individual's to Meet Personal Care Needs

Unit 8060

Support Individual's to Meet Personal Care Needs
1.1) It is very important to encourage an individual to communicate their needs, preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care. For example, an individual may prefer a bath or a shower or they may prefer to drink from a beaker and not a cup. Either way, it is important to understand what requirements the individual want or needs. There may be times in which a staff member may be unable to understand the individual's needs due to the individual not being able to communicate, if this is the case, the staff member would be able to speak alternatively to a family member, a friend of the individual or even another staff member. It is always important to respect the choices of the individual and cause no offence.

1.2) To establish the level and type of support an individual needs, i would ask the individual if there is anything they may be worried about, what they require and what they're comfortable with. If the service user is unable to communicate, look at care plans, speak to other colleagues, your manager or even the individual's family.   Looking at care plans and reading risk assessments would give information on the individual's ability to participate and highlight any possible risks. It is important to promote independence and encourage active participation so that the individual can feel in control of the amount of support they receive.

1.3) It is important to re-assure an individual that privacy is maintained during personal care and this should be discussed sensitively with the individual if he/she is concerned. Whether an individual has a different religion or culture, it is always important to avoid causing offence and following their wishes.

2.1) As it's your responsibility as a carer, it is important to promote and demonstrate good hygiene practices to an individual. Explaining how to maintain good hygiene levels and reminding the individual about good hygiene is...