Unit 517

Unit 517: Lead person centred practice:

1.1: Explain person centred practise:
Person centred practice is all about providing a level of care to an individual who has control in how they live their life. As an individual it is there right to choose what they do for themselves or have done for them, and be able to make every day decisions that support’s their needs. Person centred is based on the positives for the client rather than the negatives, this is to achieve an outcome which can only promote independence for the service user and make them achieve their aims and goals. Families play a role in adding specific information about the individual with a life history and general information which will then help to form a person centred care plan. The client should be listened to and given respect and understanding, and be treated as an individual who has control of their day to day life. Care staff should get to know the individuals wishes and respect their choices and needs.

1.2: Critically review approaches to person centred practice:
In recent years most people have been cared for in the way that was best for the provider of the care, and all treated as a group of disabled / elderly or vulnerable people, and all decisions were made by the care team who dealt with the individuals condition instead of the person. Today changes have taken place to ensure that service users have the power to initiate their own care needs and have a say in how they want to live there life. By setting up a system with all   professionals , families and advocates involved the individual can put across their views and aims and put this into practice. Within our company   every service user is treated as an individual and has a care plan set up to centre around there needs. Input would come from outside agencies i.e. doctors, nurses, occupational therapy and any specialist associated with the individual, family would help with a life history and any other information that would...