Unit 517

Assessment / Evidence Record – Personal Statement

Learners Name: Marie Ackerman

Date: 20. 09. 14

  NVQ:   Leadership in Health & Social Care Level: 5  

CBE | College Based evidence | CERT | Prior certificate | ECH | Examination of Case History |
EP | Examination of product | EPS | Examination of personal statement | EWA | Examination of written answers |
EWB | Examination of workbook | EWT | Examination of witness testimony | PD | Professional Discussion |
OBS | Observation | QC | Questioning of candidate (verbal) | QW | Questioning of Witness (verbal) |
SIM | Simulation | PS | Personal Statement | | |

Unit 517: Lead person-centred practice(HSCM1)

      1.1 - Explain person centred practice

Person centred practice is about providing individual care which directly supports the needs of a service user.   It involves making the service user and their families the centre of all decisions enabling all care plans to be personal and relevant to the individual.   This would include all likes, dislikes, beliefs and preferences and takes into account the service user’s personality when developing care needs and packages.   This therefore also enables care professionals to ensure choice, dignity, respect, independence and partnership working.  

      1.2 - Critically review approaches to person centred practice

The best approach to person centred practice is to ensure that all sources of information are included when developing care plans and making decisions, for example, the individual, relatives, carer, management.   In using this approach the service user feels involved and also has the support to discuss their needs. When discussing these needs it is very important to ensure that everyone involved is speaking simply and clearly as to not make anyone involved feel that they do not understand, whilst also explaining why things need to take place rather than just stating that it needs to happen....