Unit 4 - Theories and Principles for the Planning and Enabling of Teaching and Learning

Unit 4: Theories and Principles for Planning and Enabling Learning

There are a number of contributing factors that may affect the learning process and can affect how effective teaching and learning is.

In the first instance, and as previously studied, it is important to look at different approaches to teaching and learning in correlation to learners needs and requirements as different learners will learn in different ways. Whilst the principles for teaching remain relatively solid, the fluidity required alongside this rigidity ensures motivation for learning and the way in which learning is received can be refined to the nearest point of perfection.

There are two types of learning based on how it takes place. Pedagogy is where the learner is dependent upon the lecturer for all learning, whereas Andragogy is self-directed – i.e. student centred. The two have equal benefits and for different learning environments have positives and negatives. For my field of media and creative arts, I drive forward with Andragogical teaching – putting the control in the hands of my learners. This massively increases the respect they have for their own subject, their own learning and subsequently the decisions they make.

Here is a table that illustrates the differences between the Pedagogy and Andragogy styles of learning:

All of my learners are either year 2 cohorts on courses or adult learners so both want to be taught – therefore there is a certain level of demand and desire and as such Andragogy naturally rises as the more favourable approach.

Abraham Maslow theorised that basic human needs must be cemented before learning can take place, as per his Hierarchy of Needs pyramid (above)

If any of these levels are not met and are missing, the foundations for higher levels aren’t there, and therefore, according to Maslow, learning cannot take place. To reach the top level of self-actualisation, he theorises that learning can be disrupted at any stage if the low...