Unit 301

Unit 301
Outcome 1-1
People communicate in many different ways to be understood and to show how they are feeling. Some people might not be able to speck or even move so everyone communicates in different ways here is a list of different way people communicate.
  * Speech
  * Makaton
  * Physical gestures
  * Computers
  * Touch
  * Body language
  * Eye movement
  * Writing
Outcome 1-2
Communication in the work place can be difficult as some people are from different country and English is a second language, so even explaining something simply can be difficult. This can also relate when working with the clients, as it is sometime difficult to understand where the client speech is in pared and talk with an accent from specking a different language.
Communication can also be difficult if there is not enough training for the staff and other clients with those that use Makaton. This is hard if you don’t know what the signs are, but also if you don’t have a time to build a relationship with the client you don’t know what the clients signs are because not all clients can do the full sign and will do different gestures for the sign.
Outcome 2-2
When promoting good communication there are lots of factors to consider.
  * The first thing to help communicate with the client is to read their personal communication passport and behaviour support plans so all staff can communicate in the same and best way for the clients.  
  * Language is important because if they don’t understand the same language you have to find another way to communicate.
  * Always use short sentences and main words so not to confuse the client.
  * Their mood is also a factor for communication with clients as if they are in amber or red any communication will not be heard so it is best to wait till they are back in the green.  
Outcome 3-1
People from different back ground may use the same Makaton symbols as us but they mean something different. As in the language we...