Unit 301


  1. Planning is necessary for time management.   I organise and prioritise my work as per any instructions.   I categorise them into urgent, important, general queries and daily tasks.   This works alongside the deadlines given to me.   My Line Manager and the Consultants know exactly when to expect the work to be complete and can be sent out in the timescale allocated.   Therefore I need to be responsible and accountable so I cane deliver what is expected from me.   I also create a “To Do List” on a Monday morning so that if I am away from my desk for any reason someone will know exactly where I am to date and can pick up where I left off.

  2. The purpose of realistic targets is done by assuring that the patient’s GP received the letter regarding the patient’s clinic visit here and report exactly what the next step forward is.   This needs to be done within a 5 day turn around so any medications can be issued as soon as necessary.

  3. Everything has a deadline which is always put onto Winscribe by the Consultant.   If it is URGENT then it is highlighted in RED and becomes my priority.   There is a timescale listed on Winscribe for everything else which lets me know how much time I need to allow.

  4. Things like power generator testing, no notes available, patient not attending clinic, sick leave, annual leave.

  5. It helps people know what targets need to be achieved and if they have been met.   It can also help to motivate staff.   I never promise anything I know will be possible to deliver.

  6. People need to be informed if work plans need to be changed so they can prioritise their tasks to help.   It helps people know where they stand and gives relevant feedback.   It also helps my Line Manager to see if any extra help is needed at any time.

  7. The purpose and benefits are that you don’t make the same mistake again.   Learning from your mistakes makes sure you recognise what you have done wrong and that...