Unit 301 Outcome 3.1 Summarise the Main Points of Legislation and Procedures Covering Confidentiality, Data

As a member of staff in a school I have to be aware of the legislation that affects me when
working with children. I need to account for each students individual needs and remember their rights a person and legislation is always being reviewed to familiarise myself with the updates.
Every Child Matters (England 2003)
This piece of legislation ensures that every child is included and cared for and that they are safe - the school provides a school that has provisions for all students the meets every childs' needs and abilities. That all staff are CRB checked and measures are in place to prevent unauthorised persons entering the premises. That staff are vigilant with regard to signs of any child abuse, neglect etc. and report these findings to the trained professionals to put measures in place to protect and support the student and family if necessary and that they are report to any agencies that need to be updated on a students' situation. This was brought about by the Victoria Climbe' case where there was a lack of communication between agencies and so led to tragedy that could have been prevented. The other areas that are covered by Every Child Matters are the health of the child - so the school offers a variety of healthy food options and educates the students on healthy eating and lifestyles and making the right choices of not taking illicit drugs and physical education. The students are educated and taught skills that will enable them to succeed an to achieve economic well- being and encouraged and motivated to strive for the best and made to feel they are included and accounted for and that their contribution counts to help build their own self- worth.

Data Protection Act 1998
The school is required for many reasons to obtain important information regarding the students for many reasons. It is essential that we have the information available in order to care for the student effectually whilst they attend the school. The information must only be limited...