Summarise the Main Points of Legislation and Procedures Covering Confidentiality, Data Protection and the Disclosure of Information.

Summarise the main points of legislation and procedures covering confidentiality, data protection and the disclosure of information.

Everybody that works in a childcare setting should maintain a level of confidentiality and be up to date with current legislation. The school will gather information from parents and carers but only information that is relevant e.g. health and medical information, records from previous schools and records for children that have special needs. Any information that might need to be passed on will need parents consent. Under the data protection act 1998, any organisation that holds personal information commissioner. If you don’t follow the correct procedure you will not only be abusing your professional position you will also be breaching the human rights act 1998.

Explain the importance of reassuring children young people and adults of confidentiality of shared information and the limits of this.

We should reassure parents that any information regarding their child’s needs will only be shared with people that need to know because they will have close contact with their child. There may be cases where all teachers need to be aware of a child due medical conditions such as asthma or epilepsy. Some information there will be no limits on because all staff will need to know this information e.g. food allergies and other allergies and were the medication is stored.

Justify the kinds of situations when confidentiality protocols must be breached.

There are two reasons that we should breach confidentiality. When we think a child is being abused and when we think the child is at serious risk. When someone is choosing to confide in us we should make them aware that we won’t be able to maintain confidentiality if they disclose information of this nature.