Unit 301 Level 1 Ptlls

Task B
Reflective account
2.2 Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect others.
The importance of appropriate behaviour is VITAL as this will set the tone for a learning environment. Fundamentally, it is about the rights of learners to have access to, attend, and participate in their chosen learning experience regardless of their circumstances. The best way to achieve this is to set the example as the teacher. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.
Ensuring that the planning of all sessions has been properly executed will help to demonstrate organisational skills, efficiency and punctuality and when delivering a session, being assertive and using the appropriate tone and language will only encourage this kind of behaviour in your students. Ground rules are also a great tool for stopping students getting distracted by outside influences. Something as simple as switching off a mobile phone could make all the difference. Asking students to put their phones into ‘silent’ mode is something which could help to avoid them becoming distracted but also establishes a basic ground rule while not necessarily conveying the same message as ‘please all turn your phones off’. Other examples of ground rules could include arriving on time, being polite and respectful, bringing the correct tools/items to lessons, and submitting work on time.
Undesirable behaviour will occur at some point, when this does it important to consider whether addressing it may in fact be a far bigger disruption than the behaviour itself, sometimes a quiet word at an arranged break can be a better option, however, where it needs to be addressed, this should be done so quickly and professionally. It is also important to note that students, like teachers should incorporate humour into learning. Using humour in the classroom shows that you are human and have a personality and consequently encourages students to relax and respect you. Being able to laugh at yourself...