Unit 301 in Education and Training

Unit 301:           Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
Task A:
To all new staff members,
Firstly congratulations on successfully gaining employment as one of our new teachers, a challenging but immensely rewarding career choice. Whether this is your first teaching role or you have been teaching for many years this information is intended to help you with understanding what your roles and responsibilities will be. You will gain an understanding of what is expected whilst working with other professionals, and the boundaries between your teaching role and other professional roles. Be sure to pay special attention to the summaries of key legislation within the teaching industry at the end of this document.
If you are new to the world of teaching you may be surprised to learn that actually teaching your students is just one of many roles you will fulfil. As a teacher you will be expected, on a daily basis, to be competent in any number of the following roles:
  * Administrator
  * Assessor
  * Counsellor & Coach
  * Facilitator
  * Health & Safety Officer
  * Helper & supporter
  * Interviewer
  * Market researcher
  * Special needs practitioner
  * Mentor
  * Evaluator
  * Team leader
  * Organiser & planner
  * Personal tutor

Roles and responsibilities are different in that a role is a function a person fulfils whereas a responsibility is something that person does as a part of that role. Responsibilities can include:
  * Completing attendance records
  * Having a duty of care for your students
  * Giving and receiving construction feedback
  * Preparing, planning, designing and delivering engaging lessons
  * Following a professional code of practise
  * Acting and speaking appropriately
  * Exam invigilation and administration
  * Meetings and...