Unit 401: Planning to Meet the Needs of the Learners in Education and Training & Unit 402: Delivering Education and Training

Unit 401: Planning to meet the needs of the learners in education and training &   Unit 402: Delivering education and training
Teaching these days consists of a vast range of different theories which all claim to know the best methods of planning and delivering learning. Through this essay I am going to discuss the use of assessments for agreeing upon learning goals with students, I will be looking at how students are able to benefit from giving feedback to one and other as well as me the teacher. We look into how technology has changed the way we teach and the positive and negative effects it has had on student progress. Finally I will be relating all of this to the minimum core of teaching.
In recent times the variety of different assessment techniques has improved dramatically. Some would say this could be due to improvements in technology and others would argue it’s down to more theorists sharing their own ideas on the subject. Either way both initial and diagnostic assessments are today used more than ever when agreeing on learning goals with chosen students.
The initial assessments are a great way to discover the student’s prior knowledge of a subject area. This will then allow the tutor/teacher to narrow down areas of the subject which can be focussed on, and then targeted as areas that require extended learning. A great example of this would be a practical task which has been set for a new student who is joining a carpentry course. Through the student completing the task, the tutor would build a clear picture of what skills the students already possesses and which he/she needs to work on. Example at appendix 1
Usually diagnostic tests are undertaken to give the tutor an understanding of the levels the learner will be working too. This can highlight key areas the learner may need extra support such as help with Maths and English. When this is linked with the initial assessment that has taken place. The tutor should have a much clearer vision as...