Unit 301 Assessor Award

Unit 301: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

Question 1 (AC 1.2)
Define the key concepts and principles of assessment
You could research these via text books, the internet and your own organisation’s requirements. You could then state how they would impact upon your role as an assessor.

Assessment is used to find out if learning has taken place. As a newly appointed lecturer of applied Science within the school of Applied Science and Academic Studies assessment will allow me to find if the learners in each class have gained the required skills, competence, knowledge, understanding and/or attitudes needed as each unit progresses.My planned assessment of learners will focus on improving and reinforcing learning as well as measuring achievements. It will help learners realise how they are progressing and what they need to do to improve and/or progress further.Daily I use informal assessment to improve and reinforce learning through practical tasks, discussions, handouts, puzzles quizzes etc and regularly planned formal assessments such as assignments observations and tests.   Concepts of assessmentConcepts are the aspects involved throughout the assessment process. They includeAccountability-I feel accountable to the learners within my class. They will know why they are being assessed and what they have to do to meet the assessment criteria.Achievement – I am required to analyse achievement data and compare this to College targets.Assessment strategies- Following the assessment strategy/cycle will ensure I am carrying out my role correctly.Benchmarking- Benchmarking involves comparing what is the accepted standard for a particular subject area against the current position of each of my own learner’s performance.EvaluationInternally or externally devised assessment methods (formal and informal)Progression- What they are going to do next is discussed to ensure they are on the right...