Unit 3 Level 2 Business Admin

Unit 3 : Principles of Managing Information and Producing Documents

1.1One type of I.T would be Dropbox, which I tend to use a lot. Dropbox is an online storage software which can be used, by multiple computers in the same area. Another type of I.T would be a compter, this would be the main I.T that is used for work tasks, without a computer you wouldn’t be able to use any of the software on it. Social media is a I.T sauce that a lot of people would use in their daily tasks, since social media would need to be kept up to date, especially websites like Twitter. Google Chrome is an I.t that I use often, it is a web browser in which I generally use for research purposes, such as checking other companies prices. A printer would be needed in most workplaces and therefore is my 5th choice, I tend to use the printer on most days to print out things such as signin sheets for training delegates. The final I.T that can be used for work tasks that I am putting down is Microsoft Office, probably one of the most used software’s in working companies.
1.2One benefit for using word processor is that it can create a lot of different types of documents quickly, such as business letters, invoices and e-mail. The second benefit for using I.T for work tasks is that you can send your work across by e-mail instead of having to waste paper and ink. The third benefit that I have chosen is that you hav the internet, which means that you can research information a lot quicker than if you had to search through books or find the information through another type of research. Using telephones is another I.T that I have chosen, naturally this saves a lot of time when doing tasks such as you can phone your manager to find out information if he is out of the office. Another I.T would be spreadshets, which can make information a lot easier to understand especially numbers than on something like a word processor or by writing it down (Again a lot quicker as well). The final benefit for I.T would...