Nvq Level 3 in Business Admin

303 - Section A - Task 1a
Report on Substance Data Collection System V’s Excel Spreadsheet
We currently use two methods of participant data collection systems. Substance (on line data input programme) and a formulated excel spreadsheet.

Substance online data input programme costs the Foundation £1,400 be annum and was developed by an external experienced social research company that specialise in working in the youth, sport and positive activities sector . Their mission states that they aim to help projects and organisations delivering personal, community and social development to improve and demonstrate impact and value.
They further believe their programme helps make connections between people and organisations at the grass roots and policy makers, funders, government, commercial corporations and charitable foundations.
They also go on to claim they work with clients and provide them with user-centred tools and approaches which can demonstrate impact and value, influence policy and effect positive social change and that they   provide people, experience, technologies and networks to make this happen.

Whilst I agree that their substance programme can deliver all that they claim, in reality it takes a great deal of time to input the all the data required. Over the past 12 months we have highlighted a numbers of area’s that we feel our key to our organisation and now only input the basic data on each participant and scheme. It takes roughly 1 minute per participant and 3 minutes per scheme with general housekeeping of the scheme taking about 1.5 minutes per session. Using substance in this way, helps keep the workload of data collection to a manageable, realistic and to workable amount of time for all staff. The data that this provides up with is actually only using substance to around 10% of the programmes capacity, however to use the system to its full or even extended   capacity would require a team of employees who’s full time role was data input....