Unit 16 - Business - P1

Internal Planning Factors

These are the factors that relate to what is already happening inside the business.

Organisational needs - The workforce needs to be able to adapt to changes. Changes in a business happen very regularly and it can affect the way a business is run. An organisations demand for products/services can affect a business as it will affect employment and people which are needed in that specific role. Internally a business can look to move into new markets which are successful to able to increase sales and revenue. This could mean expanding a business abroad such as Tesco did and staff needing new skills such as languages/or different roles if they can move abroad to work in these business'. In addition to this more staff may be needed in distribution if the business grows as the business is growing more sales more demand and more supply is needed. This can encourage employing more staff to help increase productivity.

Technological change - This can also affect the internal working arrangements for a business due to improved technology and machinery more and more employees are faced with redundancies as they are not needed due to the mechanical technological. In addition to this new training may be needed for employees and customers (Internet shopping and self-scan checkouts) .

Skills requirements - Another factor of human resources planning is evaluating the current skills of the employees and workforce. This can allow a business to help build up training programmes, experience and qualifications that employees already have and help progress employees which need further training.   An organisation must measure the skills levels of its workforce in order to plan for the future - appraisals, awards, certificates etc

Workforce profiles - "This means that a manager can view and monitor the types of employee working for the business. They usually include details such as age, gender, ethnicity and availability"....