Unit 206

Unit 206 Understanding the role of a social care worker Sarah Addison

      1.1 A working relationship is based on policies and procedures.
A personal relationship is based on emotions and informal.

      1.2 Our relationship with a client is crucial in ensuing that they are well cared for: eg personal care, medication, involvement in day to day activities such as shopping, going to church or clubs. A supervisor is responsible for talking to the client to find out what their level of care is. To make sure that their needs are met. Creating a care plan for the customer ensuing they and the support workers are safe. To deliver a care plan for those customers who cannot make decisions for themselves with input from family members and/or medical professionals. A supervisor’s relationship is to ensure that our role is carried out correctly at all times and to get input from us. For example, that we have the right equipment in a home or help with medication.
2.1 It is important to stick to the scope of our job role because it is our legal responsibility to do so. It insures that all involved are safe and well and are protected by the law.
2.2 Agreed ways of working are policies and procedures based on individual care plans.
2.3 There could be changes to the law regarding policies which are in place to protect us.
3.1 It is important to work with others to better understand a customer’s needs. For example, co-workers, families, doctors, occupational therapists, social workers etc. it also allows me to do my job to the best of my ability.
3.2 Our primary goal is to protect vulnerable people from injury and illness. So good communication is essential. Therefore, we need to share information with colleagues, occupational therapists, supervisors and doctors etc.
3.3 Conflicts could be resolved by making a compromise that everyone is happy with. If this doesn’t work then speak to my supervisor.
3.4 Partnership working – while working in a customer’s home you...