Health and Social Care Unit 206

Unit 206 Understand the role of the social care worker
Outcome 1 understand working relationships in social care settings
1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship

The difference between a working relationship and personal relationship is that a working relationship is different because of boundaries, professional codes of conduct, employer policies and procedures. in your working relationship you would be friendly have a different approach treat with equality you would know your role and responsibility you would not share personal information as you would with friends. Also a working relationship as no emotional attachment and is primary based around your job, where as personal relationship as an emotional attachment due having family and personal friends and is not work related.

1.2 Describe different working relationships in social care settings

The Different working relationships in health and social care setting would come into 3 types e.g. policy making, administrated, and the hands on staff, the working relationship in health and social care starts with the policy making has they have to know everything from the law to the public sector and they will delegate the job of implementing decisions to the administration team ,who then will work out the correct form s charts procedures for action and reporting back, And then you get the Hands on staff who will implement these procedures in their daily jobs.
Outcome 2 Understand the importance of working in ways that are agreed with the employer
2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role
It is important to adhere to the scope of your job role as this sets out boundaries in your job role, enables you to know your role and responsibility, knowing your own level of competence and skills, to know your job role, if someone asked you to do another role it wouldn’t be ok if you carried out the tasks because you aren't trained for it...