The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker Unit 206

The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker
Unit 206

Outcome 1: Understand working relationships in health and social care.

What sorts of needs do the people you support have?
People I support have different needs according to their care plans and also from the information they may pass on to you when you spend time with them or sometimes even from their family members. Some of their   needs are as follows;
1.helping them feel valued.
2.respecting their cultural values.
3.acting around them with courtesy.
4.respecting their privacy.
5.helping them feel good about themselves.
6.supporting them to express their feelings.
7.offering them simple choices so as to avoid confusing them.
8.supporting other carers with information and other support that will help in their
9. always try to remember as each individual has a different need.
10.helping them with day to day tasks they may find difficult. for everyday living

What are your main responsibilities when supporting people?

The role of being a health social care worker means you will have many responsibilities to the people you support each with their own different needs, wishes and   preferences. You will find these through your organisations policies and procedures and also reading   care plans and as well as communicating with the individuals you work with when you are with them. Some of the responsibilities are as follows;
1. promote their independence and protect them from harm and danger.
2. respect their rights and ensure their behaviour does not harm themselves or others.
3. protects their rights and promote their interests.
4. establish and maintain their trust and confidence.
5. Uphold public trust and confidence.
6. Be accountable for the quality of   your work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving your knowledge and skills.

Outcome 1: Understand working relationships in...