Unit 1 D2 Evaluate a Given Accident Report and Suggest Improvements to Workplace Systems to Avoid a Recurrence

Unit 1 Assignment 3 Task 3. Evaluate a provided accident report.
Accident Report HS&W18-4

  * Company name: Scaffco Ltd
  * Date: 19 February 2002
  * Type of accident: Fall from height
  * Weather conditions: sunny, 8°C
  * Size of work gang: four
  * Supervisor present on site: Yes
  * Employee received relevant training: Yes
  * Craft/profession of injured employee: Sheet metal worker
  * Age/sex: 30/Male
  * Time on contract: 21 Days
  * Time on task: 2 hours

Accident summary
The deceased, a sheet metal worker, was working on a roof approximately 10 meters above the ground. Two employees, working from a mobile scissor lift, were installing sheet metal siding to a steel portal frame. The deceased worker was inserting fixings at the top of the sheets.

At 10:00 am, another employee who was at ground level, at the base of the scissor lift, informed the rest of his gang that it was break time. The operatives on the scissor lift, stated that the deceased said he would go down by means of the stairway inside the building.
The operatives on the scissor lift, stated that as they prepared to lower the lift the deceased unhooked himself from his lifeline and moved away from the edge of the building. as the scissor lift began to descend, the operatives on the lift heard the deceased shout something. They turned around and saw that the deceased had tried to jump on to the lift but missed as it was about 1 metre away from the edge.

The deceased fell to the ground. An ambulance was called immediately but the deceased died on the way to hospital.

Evaluation of the accident report
The occurrence of the incident
The incident occurred mostly as a result of the employee’s misjudgement and poor decision making when jumping to the scissor lift. The incident was also partly as a result of poor mitigation of health and safety in the workplace and from Scaffco Ltd which allowed the incident to occur. Even though at the time there were no...