Incident / Accident Reporting and Investigation

* Procedure describing the process of incident reporting, investigation, follow up and distribution of lessons learnt.

Incident / Accident Reporting and Investigation


The objective of incident reporting, investigation & analysis is to identify the cause(s) of an incident to allow for preparation of recommendations, to avoid recurrence of such incident(s) in future.

Incident Reporting

  * As an incident occurs, Supervisor/Area Engineer will immediately inform the Area Supervisor, who will communicate the incident to SM and the Incharge Site HSE. Site Manager will in turn inform the management of PROJECT.
  * For a restricted work injury/lost time injury/fatal case or any serious incident involving damage or loss to property or a near-miss, Incharge Site HSE shall fax or email to Manager QHSE at head office, Initial Incident Report on Format, within two hours of the incident; a copy of the report will also be provided to CUSTOMER.
  * If an injury results from incident or causes damage to the company/CUSTOMER assets, Incharge Site HSE would classify the injury and estimate the cost of damage.
  * If the injury is more than a first aid case, or cost of damage is more than $ 1000/=. A detailed report, (Incident Report) shall be initiated by the Incharge Site HSE, within 48 hours of the incident, and sent to Head Office, for completion by all the concerned functions i.e. Supervisor, Area Engineer, Area Supervisor, Construction Manager and Site Manager.
  * Incharge Site HSE shall also draft a HSE flyer highlighting the immediate cause of the incident, and following review by Site Manager, display it on the site copied to Manager QHSE, within 48 hours of the happening.
  * Manager QHSE shall brief the Management about the lost time injury/fatal cases and serious incidents / near misses.
  * Incharge Site HSE will issue a Weekly HSE Report (HSE/FRM-12) to Head Office, with one copy to CUSTOMER.
  * In the internal Weekly...