Accident Reporting

Accident Reporting
Describe the role of the individual in accident recording and reporting procedures.
Task - The company does not currently report or record near misses, explain why this needs to be done.  Using the company structure explain how accidents and near misses should be reported.  Produce and accident recording system for the company that can be used on site, this may be electronic or paper based. |
Every site should have an accident book, it is important to record accidents and near misses, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) records accidents on a national level. Accidents are recorded so that we can spot if there are common accidents happening that could be prevented.
An example of this can be seen when new working at height legislation was bought in due to the high number of people falling off ladders.
 Accidents books can be as simple as a hand written book or an email system. On a company level the key thing is that accidents get recorded and one person within the company gets to see all the data, this normally needs to be someone like the health and safety officer in a company.
 Everybody within a company has a duty to report an accident, any accident resulting in 3 or more days off work needs to be reported to the HSE.
The key things that need to be recorded about an accident are:
  1. Date
  2. People involved
  3. Location
  4. Nature of Accident
  5. Any medical attention given.
When writing your reporting procedure you need to consider the following points:
  1. Who will the accidents be reported to in the company?
  2. How will the accidents be recorded, paper form or email?
  3. How will employees know how to report accidents?
  4. What sort of accidents need to be recorded?
Remember that you need to relate your process, to the company structure below.

Evaluating Accident Reports
Criteria - evaluate a given accident report and suggest improvements to workplace...