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Policy Organisation Planning 1 Elements of health & Safety Management System Implementing Measuring Performance Auditing with Checking and Corrective Actions Reviewing Performance for Continual Improvement May be a legal requirement Insurance Requirement Establish Root Cause 2 Accident investigation –reasons Prevent a Recurrence Identify Costs Improve a Safety Culture To Learn From the Event Improve Morale Immediate: 1. Lack of caring 2. Lack of perception 3. Wilful Cause (on purpose) 3 An accident case – 4 immediate causes & 4 underlying causes(root causes) 4. Lack of attention Root Causes 1. Management System Failure 2. Negative safety culture 3. Lack of a safe system of work 4. Inadequate information, instruction, training & supervision

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Date Time Location Injured person(s) Witnesses Injuries / losses sustained Equipment / tools involved 4 Information in an accident investigation report Costs estimated / known Who investigated Introduction Summary Main body – observations, legal breaches, likely enforcement action Recommendation Conclusions Circulation list Complexity of the work to be undertaken Age of the individual The attitude of the individual Any special needs Previous experience Outline the factors that may determine the level of supervision an employee should receive during their initial period within a company. Previous situation reports (past accident situations) The peer group attitude Type of PPE that may be required and the need for correct use (i.e. harness – can fall into incorrect use – over a time period) Level of supervision available Type of work being undertaken Substances used and likely effects Legal requirements


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Information Instruction Training Supervision 6 Ways of reducing the likelihood of human error in the workplace. Risk Assessment Consultation Adequate rest / recovery periods Monitoring performance Tasks fit the person and their abilities and...