Unit 1: an Introduction to the Welsh Education Context for Learning Coaching

Unit 1: An Introduction to the Welsh Education Context for Learning Coaching
Section 1 - Summarise the Context of the 14-19 Education System in Wales
The educational structure for learners aged 14-19 in Wales comprises of; schools, colleges, training providers and work based learning. Depending on the setting young people are able to access formal, informal and non formal types of education. Schools and colleges provide young people with a formal education, based in the classroom with learning lead by the class teacher, which leads to approved qualifications and credited achievements. These qualifications may include Vocational Qualifications such as   the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs), General Certificates of Education (GCEs), AS/A Levels and the Welsh Baccalaureate. Informal learning which can be provided in a Youth Club or school setting can lead to accreditation such as, the John Muir Award,   Duke Edinburgh Award and ASDANs Personal and Social Development course.   Non formal learning can be based from the school setting. In my role with the   Pembrokeshire Youth Service we offer   non-formal learning opportunities in the youth club setting such as participating in Community projects, Agored Cymru units, first aid courses. In college, post 16 students can complete work based learning course which give them the skills and qualifications for specific trades.
The 14-19 policy guidelines written by the Welsh Assembly Government are designed to guarantee that young people have access to an array of opportunities to learn, which includes the opportunity to learn outside of the core curriculum and aid young people to realise and achieve their full potential. As part of these guidelines, young people are given the opportunity to plan out a Learning Pathway that provides each learner with a greater choice of subjects and options that are specific to their needs. In North Pembrokeshire there is a...