Ptlls, Assigment 1, Understand Own Role, Responsabilities and Boudaries of Role in Relation to Teaching

Assignment 1: Understand own role, responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching.

  1. Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher / in terms of the teaching / training cycle.

The main concern of a teacher should be the education of their learners. In order to do so a teacher must follow/comply with a list of roles, responsibilities and boundaries while keeping in mind the training cycle which represent the main activities of a teacher: Identifying needs of Planning, Designing, Facilitating, Assessing, Evaluating.
The first role I want to talk about is to ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable working environment. I think this is one of the most important points in this role list as it is the key to open the learners desire to learn. Students, especially adults won’t appreciate a hostile or stressful environment; they will leave the course at the first coffee break! Adults already have to deal with stressful situations. To keep their attention, I need to find the right balance between the role model and the authority figure in a way that they feel respected and so respect me. Being the leader of the class but involving the learners making the right decision about the course planning is a way to make it enjoyable for them. They will feel heard and so at ease to express their point of view.
Another role is to identify the students’ needs. Why are they doing this course? What do they expect from it? What is their motivation? Some adults will do further studies for a social purpose and others as a personal or professional development. In either way, I will have to find out their motivation during interview process, or during the first session to be able to keep up with their expectation and to keep them motivated. I should keep in mind that although if they are studying in a group, they are individuals with different and personal needs, some won’t feel comfortable talking in front of the whole class, another one may hide...