Understanding of Own Role

Understanding of own role, responsibilities and boundaries

Things to do

  * What is a role of a teacher?
  * What is the aim of the teacher?
  * Why it plays important part in our society?
  * Legislation/regulation/code of practice
  * Describing generic code of practice and teaching code of practice.  
  * Sharing my experiences and understanding of my role with in further education sector.
  * Understanding the responsibilities of a teacher
  * What strategies I can apply
  * Give the examples of my responsibilities.
  * Boundaries of a teacher  

The range of wide and professional duties conducted by teacher to help to learn, share the knowledge and skills. Tell or show how it’s being done, give instructions, lessons in a specialized subject area, to furnish with knowledge, guide, train, access that causes others to develop skills and knowledge is the main aim of a teacher.    
My role is to being a constant role model for students. I should know how to motivate my learners and provide help for each individual needs. I should also be able to engage certain learning strategies and productive teaching to enable learners to make progress. It is my responsibility to prepare lessons, preparing teaching materials, assessing learners, evaluate themselves and their delivery, completing records attendance, maintaining learner’s record of progress, tutorials and assessment, manage the classroom and also work closely with school work force.
I would need to teach and assess them in different areas; functional skills like literacy, numeracy, ICT, personal and social development. Personal and social development will include social economic state, disability, age, gender, education/prior experience, ethnicity and culture.  

Help them learn how to use their knowledge. I will encourage and continue giving support and advice to my learners. I need to be aware how each individual learns and be able to challenge and then inspire them. I need...