Understanding Children and Young Persons Development Birth to 19

Understand children and young person development           CYP 3.1
Social and Emotional Development.

Birth to 3 months
Babies at this age are very dependent on adults for reassurance and comfort. They will quieten when held and cuddled. Concentrate on adults face during feeding and will respond to mothers face and voice

6 to 9 months.
Shows affection to known carer, but shy with strangers. They enjoy the company of others and like to play games like peek-a-boo.
They start to show interest in other babies and become more interested in social interaction and interact differently with various family members. Very interested in all around them.

1 year to 18 months.
They can become anxious or distressed if separated from known adults. They are mostly cooperative and can be distracted from unwanted behaviour when necessary. They become more demanding and temper tantrums may start.
They can distinguish between self and others, but shows definite emotions and is aware of the emotions of others. They can sometime have little idea of sharing and strong sense of ‘mine.

2 Years.
At 2 they can be demanding of adult attention and get jealous of attention given to others. They can sometimes be reluctant to share playthings or adults attention. At this stage children have tantrums through frustration and will want to do things by themselves. They may also show concern when another child is upset. They are becoming emotionally stable and they learn to separate from carer for short periods, for example while at nursery.

3 to 4 years.
They have greater social awareness and will start to play with peers and socialise using imaginative play. They may develop close friends and become more independent and self-motivated, beginning to consider the needs of others and to show concern for others. They feel more secure and able to cope with unfamiliar surroundings and adults for periods of time. They will respond to reasoning and can take turns.

5 to 6 years....