Understand the Importance of E-Safety for Children and Young People

7.1 explain the risks and possible consequences for children and young people of being online and of using a mobile phone
Most children and young people have access to the internet and mobile phones. This can expose them to many dangers and threaten their safety. Children and young people may give out their personal information, such as, their name, age, address and phone numbers unaware that their details could be used for ‘identity theft’ and fraud.
Cyber –bullying can also threaten their safety and well- being. If they have they have their username stolen this will enable the wrong people to send unpleasant emails or text messages that can be cruel and make children feel bullied. They may find nasty messages or pictures of themselves being spread around the internet or from mobile phones, and have rumours and lies told about them. Cyber bullies can set up website just to target certain individuals, and posting hate comments about that person and invite others to post things about that individual.
A young person can use their mobile phone to send images of themselves to their friends or download them on social networking sites and post information about them. Once that information has been published into the public domain the sender cannot control what happens to the images or information posted. The imagines or information can then be used by others including cyber-bullies and misused.
Some paedophile rings or individuals use the internet and mobile phones to groom potential victims, they may use a fake name and pretend they are the same age as the child or young person to gain their trust and encourage them to send images of themself or arrange to meet them.
When a child or young person uses the internet they may unknowingly download viruses and malware which is programme that attaches itself to another programme. It can be opened through a spam email and can damage or create files and generate unwanted behaviour to the computer.
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