Understand How to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People

Fran Bunning
Unit 025 Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing
Of children and young people

Outcome 1
Understand the main legislation, guidelines, policies and
Procedures for safeguarding children and young people.

AC1. Legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures are the outcome from the Children Act 1989 and further changes were made on how to safeguard children when the Children Act 2004 was implemented.
Children Act 1989
The children Act aimed to simplify the laws that protected children and young people in the UK. This was a fundamental shape up of children’s rights and their protection. The Children Act strictly outlined child care professionals what their duties were and how they should work together in the incidence of allegations of child abuse. Wales and England produced separate documents e.g. Working together to Safeguard Children 1999 which highlighted the responsibilities of professionals towards children who are at risk of harm.
Children Act 2004
It was clear by 2003 that services for children were still unable to work together to identify and protect children at risk of significant harm. The horrific death of Victoria Climbie proved that child services were unable to protect children within our society. The lamming report showed similarities between Victoria’s and other child’s death and how child services working with these cases were unable to work together to protect the children. the lamming report resulted in a green paper, Every Child Matters which the turned into the Children Act 2004. The core of the Act include the integration of children’s services and the introduction of children’s directors with responsibility for local authority education and children’s social services, lead councillors for children’s services with political responsibility for local child welfare, the establishment of Local safeguarding children’s boards (LSCB) with statutory powers to ensure that social services, NHS, education services, the...