Types of Friends

Major: IT
Class: Essay Writing
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Types of friends

Different people have different thinking, different feelings, and different behaviors, so they have different friends. Moreover, people always have a lot of friends, but they do not really know about which type of friends that they have. Here, there are three types of friends that people should know; they are animal friends, internet friends, and pen friends.
First of all, people should know about animal friends. Do you know not only people but also animals can be friends with us? And do you know what animal friend is? An animal friend is a relationship between animals and people. In fact, this friendship is a feeling of love that people have towards animals. They think that they are happy when they play or go to somewhere with animals, and they are not afraid when they go somewhere at night. Moreover, children consider animals as lovely pets, so they always play, kiss, and talk to animals. Animal is not a person but they also can make friends with people.
Another type of friends is Internet friends. On the internet, we can send message to each other, talk to each other, and also can see our partner’s face. So, nowadays people have a lot of friends on the Internet that we can call Internet friends. Internet friend is a kind of friend that people have through the Internet; they do not need to meet each other; they just send some messages to each other to ask each other about health, work, family, and anything else. In order to make friends on the Internet people can check some websites like www.facebook.com. On this site people need to fill some personal information to find friends who have similarity to them. Nowadays, most people like making friends or finding friends on the Internet; in my opinion, as long as people can use Internet, they always have Internet friends.
The last type of friends is pen friends. Some people make friends even though they have never met each...