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Dennis Nguyen
January 3, 2009
English 3/Period 6


“A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere.” This quote is from the beginning of a passage called “Friendship”, which was written by a transcendentalist named Emerson. In this passage, he writes about his views on friendship and how honesty plays an important role in everyone around him. The subject of friendship that Emerson writes about, in general, can be related to the transcendentals of self-reliance and individualism. A person that patiently evaluates themselves on their own thoughts of friendship would come to realize that Emerson right, even though some emotions that Emerson expresses may seem harsh.
One of the main places where friendship is always thriving is right at school. At school, there are different races, styles, ideas, likes and dislikes. Some people have different hair styles, clothing trends, and even speech styles. Some people could be a popular jock among the crowd, a silent bookworm, a school jester, an unlucky nerd, or a mean bully. At some point, stereotyping comes in to play and people start to assume the personality and character of someone judged by their appearance e.g. Asians are smart, people who wear glasses are nerdy and football players are dumb. The main point of this is that some people may act differently in public than how they normally act at home to become socially accepted. Home for a person is symbolized as place of security and privacy. Everything is familiar to their lifestyle since birth. Then at school, since there are
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many different cliques, a person may change or pretend to be someone else to fit in.
“We cover up our thought from him under a hundred folds….” In this quote, Emerson explains that people tend to hide their true feelings in the presence of company.
Friendship within school can either greatly help a person’s education or destroy it completely. Every parent worries about their child social life at school. They...