Types of Friends

In our life, we come across many different people. Of them, we like some and dislike
some. We consider the people we like to be friends. Those we dislike are foes. Let us consider
friends. The dictionary defines a friend as “A   person whom one knows, likes and trust.” I can
categorize friends based on the intensity of   the friendship. There are three kinds of friends:
Acquaintances that we meet and see at school, friends whom we lose as we grow up, and best
Friends who are there no matter what kind of situation we in.
Acquaintances are people we might have known for years while in school, but the most
We have spoken to them about is their name and what classes they are taking. This school
acquaintances are very nice people to talk to, there is never an effort to do anything more than
that. If we see them outside of school we might act like we don’t even know them. We would
never have a problem with parting company with them.
Second the friends that we’ve known for years will bring back memories that people
think are forgotten. When we are around these friends, we tend to do anything to have a good
time and a good laugh. The most we speak to them about is school, work, weekend gossip,
and some parts of our life, but never our personal life and our feelings. We have fun together
most of the time, and we don’t mind seeing and hanging out with each other outside of school.
They are ready to help us with our general problems.
Finally, best friends are people who are there for us all the time and try to help us
out even through our deepest troubles. These friends are always willing and ready to spare
their times, joys, love and sorrow- may it be ours or theirs, and even their lives for us. They
have seen us shed tears, embarrassed us, have been mean to us, and also have hurt us. In spite
of all this, best friends are the only ones to whom we can ever open up to and can share our
deepest, darkest secrets with. It is more like a single soul...