Good Friend

Good friend or bad friend?

People may say the word friends is to broad. In the opinions of many, there are two types of friends. A good and a bad friends.

Being a good guy/girl to be around, you'll get more friends than you could ever imagine.
The first quality of a good friend is loyalty. An example of this would be me having a fight with a mutual friend of ours. A good friend would not take sides and would stay out of the argument. They also would not denounce me to the friend I was quarreling with.   The other qualify of a good friend is to by honesty. A situation where a friend could display this quality would be when I asked them to watch my purse. A good friend would never go through my purse or steal anything in it. An honest friend would also keep a close eye on my purse and not let anyone else go through it or steal anything from it.

In another hand, there‚Äôs also a definition of   the bad friends, the friend that everyone fears to have. These friends want to bring you down when you are up, and kick you in the mud when you are already down. These friends are always there when you are doing good and have money, but you never see them when you are down and out. These friends are not really friends, they are just enemies who act like friends.

You can tell the difference between good and bad friend.   Just take back your memory and look back to when you were doing well and when you were doing badly. The friends that were your biggest advisor when you were up and down, those are your good friends. But the one that saw you when you are doing good, but never saw when you were doing bad are the bad friends.