Two Things That Ancient Greece Contributed to Western Civilization

This world, this society, this place, is just mere replica of Ancient Greece. Logically speaking, our society is more advanced, more organized and equalized.   People tend to believe that U.S is better than any civilizations, even including Ancient Greece, buy they don’t realize, that we wouldn’t be in this state, if it wasn’t for them.   Ancient Greece contributed countless things to Western civilization, some including ideas, art, architecture, form of government and etc. These contributions are a major part of our civilization.
One of the contributions that had originated from Ancient Greece was the Hippocratic Oath.   This Oath was created by a Greek physician known as Hippocrates. If you look at document D, you can see a portion of the Hippocratic Oath. This Oath is said by doctors and other physician before they start there line of duty. This oath ensures that the medical professional will try his hardiest and go to the full extent to cure the patient’s suffering.   As being a medical professional himself, Hippocrates believed that if you try hard enough, you can conquer any obstacle, thus creating the Hippocratic Oath, which states that a doctor should not give up on a patient, but instead keep trying until the result is in his likings.
Another contribution is geometry. By examining the excerpt in document D, you can see that math was used in the earliest of times. It said to believe that Euclid, an ancient Greek mathematician, was the founder of geometry, therefore naming him the father of Geometry. By creating geometry, this lead to the creation of other types of math, some including algebra and trigonometry. As you can see that one man’s creation can lead to other innumerable creations, thus increasing our knowledge and understanding. Geometry has to do with shapes and angles, which is the most important aspect of architecture. So, if you look at it in point of view, you can see that if geometry wasn’t found, all these gigantic structures as well as roads...