Ancient Chinese Contributions

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    Although not many people know, perhaps more than half of the inventions and discoveries which the modern world relies on were originated from East Asia.   The Ancient Chinese culture has contributed to our world civilization achievements in the   fields of row planting, the compass, porcelain, toilet paper, deep drilling, iron plows, paper making, and gun powder.   There are four inventions that are celebrated in Chinese culture for their historical significance and as signs of ancient China‚Äôs advanced science and technology.   The four great inventions are: the compass, paper making, printing, and gunpowder.   These four discoveries had an enormous impact on the development of Chinese civilization and a global impact.
    Paper-making- paper is one of the four great inventions of China.   Before the invention of paper, characters were written on animal bones, turtle backs, or stones.   Later, silk and more widely used bamboo slips and wooden tablets were used to record things.   The earliest form of paper first appeared in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-23AD), but the paper was generally very thick, coarse, and uneven in their texture, made from pounded and disintegrated hemp fibers.   The paper unearthed in Han tomb in Ganso Province is by far the earliest existing ancient paper, tracing back to the early Western Han Dynasty.   The art of paper-making spread east to Korea and Japan at the beginning of the seventh century (the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty).   In the eight century, along with the Silk road, the Arab countries began to learn how to make paper.
    Printing- is another one of the four great inventions of Ancient China.   It has a long...