Why We Study Western Civilization

Why we study the history of Western Civilization.

K Letwaba
GES 110
28 February2011

Why we study Western Civilization is a question that most students ask them self. I’m going to answer this question looking at the positive and the negative contribution of the western civilization and then explain why it is so important to study Western Civilization.

Western Civilization impacts us on a daily basis we are products of the Western Civilization. If we look at the world right now everything we do and believe in has been influenced by Western Civilization in some way or another. The Western Civilization influenced in a lot of positive ways one of the ways is because of it we have democracy which we still use today and still feel strongly about. It contributed to literature which forms the biggest reason for education and why we get educated. It also contributed to religion and to what people believes in today regards to religion we now believe in one god although they are different sects of religions but we still have an understanding of one individual god.

Although the Western Civilizations contributed to political freedom and human rights it also had some negatives. It introduced totalitarian regimes that go against the human rights and political freedom of individuals. The western civilization has also practised racism which again shows a contradiction.

Perry called the western civilization a grand but tragic drama. The western civilization has contributed so much to the civilization as we see it today. Today, though the west cannot find any solution to social ills and conflicts between nations.

We study Western civilization like I said in the beginning because we are products of the West and without it we cannot comprehend where we are from or even cope with the problems that come with this civilization. We...