Olympics of Ancient Greece vs Modern Olympics


The Olympic Games were found by Heracles, a Zeus’ son, even though the first with written records was held in 776 BCE. In this particular recorded first Olympic Games, Coroebus who was a cook from Elis won the sole event at the stade; which was approximately 192 meters run. He did this while naked and he was the first Olympic champion in history. The games continued to be played every four years for about 1200 years. The games were later abolished in 393 CE, by the Roman emperor named Theodosius I, who was a Christian, on the claim that the game had pagan influences. About 1500 years later, Pierre de Coubertin, a young Frenchman began the revival of these games. When in 1870 the French were defeated by the Germans in the Franco-Prussian war, Coubertin attributed the defeat to French soldiers’ lack of vigor. He studied the education of the two countries and he concluded that exercise and more specifically sports had made the Germans more vigorous and well rounded. His Idea of getting the French people interested in sport was not importantly received, but still Coubertin was persistant.In 1890, he founded Union des societies Francaises de sports Athletiques (USFSA).In 1892, he first raised the idea of reviving the Olympic Games. Later, he organized a meeting with 79 delegates representing their countries. At the meeting, he spoke and arouse interest of the revival of the games and the delegates voted for the Olympic games and they had Coubertin construct an international committee to organize the games. The committee became the International Olympic Committee with Demetrious Vikelas, a Greek, as its first president. The revival was at Athens.
There exists similarities as well as differences between Ancient and modern Olympics. In both, they have games like Javelin, Wrestling and Discuss. Events like races are there in both. Both were held after four years. In both, the winner gets an award that is not in monetary...