First of all, trustworthiness is when we trust someone, someone in whom you can place your trust and you can rest assured that your most desire secrets or worries will not be revealed, you will not be betrayed by that “someone”, you know that your secret is safe because you trust in that person; you know that he or she will not let you down. Why? Because you trust them and they trust you.

      A trustworthy person is very difficult to find, but that doesn’t means, that they don’t exist, right? But in order of one person to trust another one, their worth and integrity must be proven all times. Integrity can be and must be perceived by the regular actions and their outcomes. This can be all summarized in one word, “responsibility”. If someone trusts you, this means you carry with a big responsibility. The responsibility of watch over his or her expectations. Have the moral courage to distinguish the effects of your actions. To distinguish the right things over the bad things and to stand up for your beliefs, even when it is difficult to do so, even if your life goes in it, even if you think you can’t do it.

      Sometimes trustworthiness is not that easy to understand, because sometimes is misused,   people take advantage of this moral value, they play with the feelings of the other person, and they don’t realize that they are hurting them. These people believe that they have a precious friend they can trust, someone they can rely, someone they can put their worries on, but suddenly these disappears. We live in a world in where people try to hurt other people Why? I don’t know, is quite difficult to see the reason, they only cause an ache on the other person heart, to know that you were betrayed by your friend, by your dearest friends, is something that it cannot be forgiven so easily, it takes time, even when you regret of what you did, the other person needs to think about what you have done.

      Trustworthiness is being honest,...