Curriculum Vitae

Joe Bloggs

0783727278 (Mobile/Primary)

I am a reliable, trustworthy person that takes pride in helping meet the demands of customer’s needs. I have 4 years of retail experience looking to venture further into the growing industry willing to learn and develop new skills. A self motivated person that enjoys working in a busy challenging atmosphere, I am prepared to work hard in achieving results, adapting within the environment adjusting to any situation if required. A strong confident communicator that strives on building customer relations, helping people at all levels delivering exceptional customer service consistently, to a high level contributing 100% efforts in being the best. I work effectively as a team player in being flexible; communicating and listening to others view in order to carry out tasks meeting targets and tight deadlines relying on my own initiative. My spare time out of work is used to compose and produce music, sporting activities, travelling and socialising, family outings and modelling for my hairdresser in building a portfolio of my work.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 17th January 1990

1 Balleny Close
DE21 2UP

Work History

2009                 Orange
          Position Held: Temporary Sales Advisor
          August 2009 to November 2009

          Duties involved: - Advising on products/services, listening & communicating, cash handling, general customer service, hitting individual/store targets and housekeeping.

2008                 Primark Ltd.
          Position Held: Retail Operative
          October 2008 to June 2009

          Duties involved: - Serving customers, listening & communicating, cash handling, basic general customer service and housekeeping.

Voluntary Work

2007               Hooked
                      Duties involved: - Setting up ramps correctly, teaching kids to skateboard,
                      communicating & listening to set instructions,...