Leadership Essay

 Honor is defined as an evaluation of one's trustworthiness and social status based on that individual's espousals and actions. This means, a person that is seen as honorable, is also seen as being Loyal, Respectful, Dutiful, Selfless, Integritous, and Courageous, thus embodying all of the Army's core values. An honorable person embodies the Warrior Ethos, and always places the mission first, never accepts defeat, never quits, and never leaves a fallen comrade. All that makes a soldier and a warrior an NCO, makes a person honorable.

One's honor drives him to be the best possible person, soldier and leader. By displaying honorable traits, ones subordinates, peers and superiors can look to him to be the shining beacon of morality in any situation. Subordinates are more inclined to obey the commands of an honorable leader than those of one who is morally questionable. Peers and ones superiors are also more inclined to listen to and implement the suggestions of one who is honorable because they know those suggestions are in the best interest of the greater good.

Honor is often seen as subjective, changing from one person to the next. However true that may be, one thing remains unchanged; Honor is seen as the pedestal on which morality stands. It is the uplifting force and the immoveable rock that pushes the great to success. It is the reason a warrior fights. It is what makes Noncommissioned Officers professionals, and professional leaders. Honor is defined as an evaluation of ones trustworthiness and is what makes a warrior a soldier.