True Stories of a Teacher

Life Stories

From a young age, Bryan displayed a hunger for knowledge like no other child. When he had learnt how to read, he would often pester his mother to bring him to the library to borrow loads of books for him to read. Encyclopedias and almanacs were lined up along the shelves in his home and many a time, he would read and forget about dinner or sleep. Naturally, a boy like him excelled in primary school and after the primary school leaving examinations, he went on to a reputable secondary school. One which he had been aiming to go to ever since he started schooling: Victoria School. Bryan was in the United States visiting his father who had been out stationed there when he received news of his PSLE results and you can imagine how ecstatic he was. Like all parents, his father and mother were very proud of his achievements and thought the world of him. His parents did not complete secondary school education so it was really a huge relief for them when their son had proven them wrong. Little did they know that this was the start of Bryan’s tribulations.

His thirst for knowledge served him well during the first two years of secondary school life. Surrounded by elites, he still managed to do well enough to get into the top 10 of the school. However, during the December holidays in his first year, he got mixed with bad company. They were a bunch of older students who lived in his neighbourhood. They were perceived as “cool” by the other students in the area partly because they were very good looking and every other kid wanted to hang out with them. He really wished to join their group and he got his wish when a primary school friend of his introduced them to him at a barbeque party. They were so humorous at times and Bryan wished so much to be just like them. Before long, he was part of their group and hung out with them everyday after school. It started out as movie outings and barbeques to chalet outings. Bryan had never been perceived to be cool and he...