Madison Seifert
Excessive Punishment
Child abuse, death penalty, and even suspension can be considered excessive punishment in many cases. Excessive punishment leads to many conflicts and hard lives in the new generation like wars and even fights between children and their parents.
“12 year old Alexa Gonzalez a student at Junior high school in Queens was caught ‘doodling’ on her desk by her Spanish teacher. Not only has been suspended but she was handcuffed and arrested”. See this story doesn’t make too much sense but it is a true story practicing the point of punishment. Details were probably left out but what is sending this poor girl to jail going to do? “Don’t doodle on your desk anymore”? I’ve read this story many times observing and reading what took place that day in Queens and the punishment didn’t match the crime. You can’t fight violence with violence. Now this one little mistake brought young Alexa to jail and she will turn into a worse person then she was before the sentence to jail. If you think about it, Alexa will be introduced to things in jail she didn’t even know existed and it wont be the good things. Maybe she will get involved with drugs and leave jail ruining her life for one stupid mistake. I take into consideration that life is hard sometimes but that was completely unreasonable and most definitely will not be teaching the right lesson.
Another side of excessive torture would be child abuse. “In Kentucky they are studying how this harsh punishment can impair the emotional development of a child”. I don’t think parents realize that their children aren’t pets that can be thrown around and treated poorly. During this generation more and more elders are starting to take advantage of the power they actually have as a guardian. In most cases the children grow up to become the abusers like their parents because they weren’t taught any different. We are on a hamster wheel that we can never get off. “Abuse can possibly lead to...