Otis L. Amos
Essentials of College Writing
Angela P. Townsend

      The movie “Radio” is based on a true story about an African American man named Robert Kennedy.   Robert Kennedy is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movies.   The movie takes place in the 1960’s during the time of the Civil Rights Movement and racial unrest that occurred in a lot of Southern towns.   The character, Radio, suffers from a mental disability that has caused him to have limited speech, motor skills and learning capacities. Radio lives with his mother in South Carolina and is somewhat sheltered from society because of his disability by his mother. Radio got his name from the players and coach at the local high school (Hanna), because he always carried his transistor radio with him. Radio carried his transistor because he loved music.   He also used to push a grocery cart around the city collecting whatever he could to put in it.   The Football Coach Harold Jones played by “Ed Harris” discovered that Radio had been hanging around the school and the football field.   Radio initially would not talk with anyone, but after constant attempts by Coach Harold, Radio began to trust him and eventually starts to verbally communicate a little with the coach and team members. Coach Harold met a lot of resistances from the towns’ people and Radio’s mother because of his relationship with Radio. Radio’s mother was very protective of him and was hesitant of his relationship and motives with her son.   Coach Harold eventually convinced her that he had Radio’s best interest at heart.   Coach Harold was able to solicit the help of his family and football team to help Radio, in improving his skills socially and academically.   The people in the town were very resistant in having radio at the school and they also felt that the Coach was spending too much time with him.   Eventually, because of Coach Harold’s respect from the students and towns’ people he was able to...