Triad Insurance

Evaluation of Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis MEMO

Leadership skills are commonly considered highly sought after qualities in any organization’s employees but are particularly desirable for persons placed in roles at the management and executive levels. Organizations without effective leadership may, at best, underperform and, at worst, may fail entirely. The strategy a company adopts to obtain and maintain effective leadership within their ranks may vary according to the needs of that organization. As such, an objective evaluation of proposed strategies is required to determine how best to ensure the organization develops and maintains the desired skill set among its employees. An attempt at such an evaluation was made by Ms. Denise Khali on behalf of Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis (TICI).
Before attempting to evaluate the merit of the memo from Ms. Khali, the issue posited and the conclusion reached by the author should be clearly specified.   The issue addressed in this memo is that of whether Triad Insurance Company of Indianapolis should fund a new leadership development program for junior insurance executives. After much discussion, Ms. Khali subsequently concludes that TICI should not fund the leadership program for a variety of reasons.
Ms. Khali attempts to persuade the reader of the validity of her conclusion by utilizing the entire gamut of available reasoning strategies; typical reasoning strategies can range from “beliefs, evidence, metaphors, analogies, and other statements offered to support or justify the conclusions. They are the statements that together form the basis for creating the creditability of a conclusion” (Browne, 2007, p.25). While a variety of justifications are cited in the memo, the author presents three main arguments to support her conclusion that the leadership program should not be established. The first contention of the author is that such a program would be fiscally problematic, stating that “the total...