Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance Company
      Kristie A. Hunter
      Leadership and Organizational Behavior-BUS 520
      There is a brand name in the world of insurance companies by the name of Allstate Insurance Company. Allstate was founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  1. Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program.
      Allstate is doing very well in there efforts of their goal setting program.   There are five conditions for effective goal setting that are listed in the textbook. The first condition, discuss whether or not the employee has knowledge and ability to attain the goal that has been set. I believe Allstate has this condition down pack. Allstate has an assessment of current job skills, a roadmap for developing skills for advancement, educational training, coaching, and mentoring. This helps the employee to have a roadmap for developing the critical skills necessary for advancement. This condition deals with the challenge, it provides goal difficulty, goal clarity, and self efficacy.
      The second condition is the employee must commit to the goal especially when the goal is difficult. Allstate has made it easy for there employee to stay focused on there goal by having on site childcare. The childcare centers offer parent discounts. Other services Allstate offers are dry cleaning, and oil changes. These are great resources for the employees. These services take a load off the employee when they are trying to work. If you are able to go down to the childcare center to check on your child on your break it allows you to work when you are work. These programs help the employee balance work and personal life. This creates a positive direction for the employee to head in (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, pg 216).
      The third condition is that the employee needs feedback on progress toward the goal. Allstate has set in play twice a...