Training Cycle

Training is a crucial aspect in developing a person’s skills, attitude and abilities. In this day and age with work so hard to find or to retain jobs, it is important companies provide training seminars to give their employees an opportunity to develop their skills and abilities in order to progress.
This report explains The Training Cycle Model. This model is used by many management firms in all sectors. The model is simple to use and give a clear guide on how a training session should be prepared and performed.
This report outlines and describes in detail the five stages of The Training Cycle Model, which are the following:
  * Identifying the need for training
  * Preparation for the training
  * Training delivery
  * Application of the training
  * Evaluation  

A training cycle is a number of steps that make up a complete training programme. The Training Cycle Model is used by management companies in order to create a lasting and effective change and to be beneficial to the company and staff.
There are five main steps in the Training Cycle:
  * Identifying Training Needs
  * Preparation
  * Training Delivery
  * Applying Learning
  * Evaluation
Partaking in a training events result in learning or developing skills. Although people that experience a training course get a better result if they are consulted and supported, especially when the five steps are followed identify need, prepare and implement.
As the process is a cycle one can join the programme at any stage, but the ideal place to start is identifying the training needs.

Identifying Training Needs
Every stage of The Training Cycle is equally important, but it is also important that all the right issues are addressed. Failure to address the necessary issues or to identifying the training needs will result in the training becoming ineffective.
Managers that intend to carry out a training course should be asking the...