Review Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a
teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

In the Lifelong Learning Sector a tutor has the responsibility to use appropriate teaching techniques to maximise the learning potential of each student, while at the same time keeping within the College or Training Centre's policies. It is the tutors role to teach the syllabus, set the assignments and then assess each student to ensure they are meeting the learning criteria.

The Learning Cycle

“Teaching and learning should be a structured process, teaching will follow a cycle and the teacher makes use of this to ensure achievement” ( Wilson, 2009, pg 15)

There are seven processes to the teaching cycle; identifying needs, planning programmes for groups and individuals, developing a range of techniques, managing the time, providing support to all learners, assessing and evaluating. The tutor has the responsibility to provide all of this to the students. Within each of these stages the tutor has boundaries they must keep within to comply to the code of conduct.

“The teaching cycle is a continuous process” ( Wilson, 2009, pg 15)

Identify Needs

The tutor will often start a course knowing very little about their students. One way of trying to gather information from the students is to have them write a small essay before the start of the course, and as part of the interview for the course to take a literacy and numeracy test to provide the tutor basic information about the student's ability. Information can also be taken from enrolment forms, such as prior qualifications and experience to ensure the student has the basis knowledge to cope with the work load. For example, a student applying to start at Level 4 needs to have the Level 3 qualification or enough past experience to meet the criteria. This should be prepared through the college or training centre as part of the interview process. Other factors may need to be considered as well,...