Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

The teaching training cycle consist of five stages. These stages are indentify needs, plan and design, deliver and facilitate, assess and the final stage is evaluate. Within the cycle a tutor has roles and responsibilities these are:

Identify Needs
• Identify the learning needs of learners
• Evaluate additional support needs of learners
• Use of appropriate resources in allowing learners to learn

This needs to be done prior to the student starting learning. This can be done by obtaining information about students such as age, gender, background and work and prior learning experience. It is important to gather any additional support the student may require, i.e. large print handouts or the use of different coloured papers. This information could be gathered in an initial interview or enrolment process.

Plan and Design
Having evaluated the learners needs the tutor can go on and plan and design the lessons the tutor needs to:
• Research the subject
• Plan the lesson
• Prepare visual aids
• Plan the teaching style
• Tailor the session to the student needs
• Ensure the content of the curriculum is met

Deliver and Facilitate
At this stage it is the tutor's responsibility to deliver and facilitate learning to each learner in a way that does not discriminate in any way. It is important that all learners are regarded as individuals and treated equally.
the tutor is responsible for creating effective and stimulating learning experience for all learners. This is done by using different methods and styles of delivery i.e. practical sessions, discussions group work, use of ICT, simulations, team activities etc. Lessons should be structured, with clear aims and targets that ensure that the learning outcomes/curriculum is met. A tutor needs to have good current subject knowledge to ensure that learners are taught well and information given is correct.

A tutor role and responsibility is to continually assess the learner throughout the...