Today's Hero

Oprah Winfrey: Today’s Hero

The concept of hero has changed through the years, evolving from the legendary hero figures, described in adventure or comic books such as “The three Musketeers” or “Superman”, to the current perception of heroes, seen as real persons with real lives and problems.
In the past, a hero was believed to be a person with supernatural qualities who did extraordinary deeds for the society to instill order, law and justice. Such person had to have a noble origin and live up to the expectations of his family and the society’s he belonged to.   One of the best examples of past heroes is D’Artagnan, the perfect gentleman and fighter. He was considered a hero due to his physical and moral beauty, courage, loyalty for his cause and kindness towards the less fortunate ones.
. Besides the legendary figures, the title of hero is also attributed to real persons who have the inner straights to face the hardship of life. It is not unusual for children to look up to their parents and think of them as having superpowers for finding the solutions to all their problems. Moreover, nowadays society tends to admire real people, who can beat the odds of life and change a dramatic way their life in for the better. The world is fascinated by real stories, by real people, rather than knights, kings and princesses. There is a constant need for heroes and role models in people’s lives but in the same time these heroes have to be connected to people’s everyday lives and stories. Therefore, the modern concept of hero refers to certain individuals who have the ability of guiding and challenging society’s everyday existence. Oprah Winfrey is believed to have all the qualities necessary for a modern day hero.
She started as a poor black girl with a challenging childhood but she had the inner strength to become an icon of the American Dream. She achieved success through her own power and intuitive mind. Ophrah “was born out of wedlock and into poverty in rural...