Briar Rose

The novel, Briar Rose is about a woman and her promise to her Grandmother to find out where she came from, about the story “Briar Rose” or “Sleeping Beauty”, which is inter-twined throughout the novel, her grandmother’s ‘castle’ and Becca’s encounters whilst trying to find out the truth about the Holocaust and her Grandmother.

There are two plots in the novel, Briar Rose.
The 1st plot = Present Day
This plot follows Becca’s search for the truth of Gemma’s past.

2nd plot = Fairy Tale, Set in the past during Becca’s childhood
This plot follows Gemma’s telling of Briar Rose to her 3 granddaughters.

  Parallels between Gemma’s Life and the Fairytale Briar Rose
  Including Quotes
|Fairy Tale                               |Reality                                                                             |
|Briar Rose                               |e.g. briar rose = gemma because:                                                     |
|                                         |she is given the nickname ‘princess’                                                 |
|                                         |her hair is red – “crown of red hair”                                               |
|                                         |on her death whispering “I am Briar Rose”                                           |
|Castle                                   |The schloss – at Chelmno which the Nazis took over extermination camp.               |
|                                         |                                                                                     |
|                                         |“she spoke of the castle, the schloss”                                               |
|Bad fairy                                 |Hitler and his Nazi soldiers                                                         |
|“Not the bad fairy. Not the one in black |...